Social media Websites That Came and Went Without a Mark

Social media websites that came and went without a mark

  • ITUNES Ping- started by was apple, iTunes ping was a music social network launched in September 2010 and had around 1 million users. Within two years it witnessed failure. The main reason for it was that you can only preview first 30 seconds of the song also it was excessively filtered. Apple shut down this service in September 2012 because it was not successful in gaining much traction with the users.


  • GOOGLE plus -It was started 5 years ago on June 15, 2011, and was replaced by google It consisted of features such as posting pictures and status updates to groups communities or in your friend circle.the probable reasons why google plus was not a big hit because it does not dramatically improve the online social experience,


  • ICIO.US – It was launched in September 2003, DEL.ICIO.The US was an online bookmarking site for the purpose of sharing and storing web bookmarks. While the year 2008 ended the site managed to gather 5.3 million users and 180 million bookmark URLs. Later it was sold to big corporates which implemented more restrictions on the user’s behavior through their new private policies.


  • EONS – founded in 2006 in Charlestown Massachusetts, united states by It was designed for people age 40 and above . since they targeted to baby boomers, therefore, this was the only reason for their failure.


  • DIASPORA – it is said that it was disappeared as soon as it was mentioned. It was started in 2010 and managed to gather more than 6 million users. Also, it was a nonprofit social network. It was somewhat similar to google plus but had features less than facebook.the network demanded to install the app or pod on the PC which was not really appreciated by the users.


  • ORKUT – Orkut,  owned by google was launched 13 years ago In 2004 and was dissolved in 2014. With the emergence of facebook, this site lost its popularity. Facebook was one of the reasons for the failure another being that it was too slow in its working also there were no social sharing buttons, for example, likes comment or share.


  • XANGA – It was said that it was dominated by the most famous myspace and therefore failed. Xanga is a very old web blog community which started in 1997 around 20 years ago. it was an ideal hub for web blogs, photo blogs, and of course social networking. Xanga could not compete with the powerful blogging platforms that emerged after it and hence had to shut down.


  • DIGGS – It was formerly a social news site which lay its set up in November 2004, 13 years ago. It made convenient to share news on facebook and twitter but could not withstand the competitors that emerged in the web world.


  • FRIENDSTER – the ancestor of facebook and myspace, it emerged in the year 2002 around 16 years ago. by June 2010 friendster has accumulated more than 8 million users on its failed to manage the flow of users came in with its launch, it did not focus on social sharing and connecting. A better experience was provided by myspace and facebook.


  • MYSPACE – Myspace was available in 14 languages, it was launched on august 1 2003. Myspace was similar to facebook it let you post photos, blogs, status updates and most importantly it was user-friendly. Though facebook came much later but it overtook myspace as the focus of myspace was shifted from social networking to advertisement. The platform put in more efforts to improve on advertisement and did not pay attention towards the development of the social network which was the main motive.


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